About Us

Here at GreenWire Systems, we believe that the Americans who live and work in the United States can and will develop new, more efficient technologies, processes, and materials to improve how we live and work. In fact, GreenWire Systems was formed in 2008 to take an innovative step forward, in providing cost-saving, clean energy for Southeastern Michigan’s commercial and residential customers.

That’s what GreenWire Systems is all about—being more efficient.

Our vision is to provide all Southeastern Michigan businesses and homes with the most efficient electrical system available. We intend to do this by offering cost-saving electrical system technology; utilizing new “green” technologies to lessen the impact on the environment; and providing honest, reasonably-priced electrical system services for your business or home.

GreenWire Systems can help you by installing electrical systems which will minimize impact on the environment and will lower your overhead cost for your business or monthly electrical bill for your home. For your business, GreenWire Systems will help you identify ways to save energy (and money) without impacting the productivity of your employees. We’ll happily accommodate your busy schedule to perform a free evaluation of your home or business.

For example, with a lighting retrofit, your lighting systems can automatically adjust lighting as daylight and occupancy change. Lighting retrofits help reduce building operating and maintenance costs, as well as reducing energy waste. For your home, a GreenWire Systems representative will evaluate your home energy needs, the current electrical system, and its components.

Our representative will provide you with a recommendation on how you can save money in your monthly electrical bill, which will result in more money in your pocket. Once an energy-saving electrical system is put in place, you’ll quickly re-coup the cost of these changes within an average of two (?) years through lowered energy bills. Your business or household may also be eligible for Federal Tax credits, making payback on your investment even more worthwhile.

We care about you, our customer, and we care about the environment.

Every little bit helps to reduce the greenhouse gases which are a result of humans’ daily energy usage. Although the U.S. has begun many energy saving projects, the majority (43%) of our energy comes from coal-burning power plants.  These power plants have a significant impact on the environment.  If we, as Americans, can take the initiative to change the way we use energy, our sons and daughters will benefit from the sacrifices we make today. Whether we decide to increase our recycling, turn off our lights when they are not in use, or invest in a more efficient electrical system, the decisions we make today will affect the future of our country’s economy and environment. At GreenWire Systems, we strive to offer the most up-to-date, “green” technological products for your business and home’s electrical system. By remaining environmentally innovative, we meet our commitment to the earth and our customers.

Last, we’d like to talk to you about trust. To GreenWire Systems, that means honest work for honest pay. We believe in the great Americans who created this country, and we ask you to believe in us to provide you with excellent service. We also do our best to buy American products for your electrical system(s). GreenWire Systems is committed to doing the job once, and doing it right the first time. That’s why we warranty all of our services. Please join us in trusting our fellow Americans to provide the goods and services to meet our needs.

In conclusion, GreenWire Systems was created because we chose not to surrender to the downturn in the Nation’s economy. We’re a service company that values our customers, honesty, quality workmanship, and the environment. Green Wire Systems will provide its services in Southeastern Michigan to reduce the energy costs of businesses and homes.

We’re a growing business that strives to offer the most up-to-date, “green” technologies to save you money and help preserve the beauty of America.

We’re here for Michiganders and we’re here to stay!